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The two Qatar Airways Logos were installed on the two sides of the Hangar in the New Doha International Airport. For the completion of this project, 240 beams (metal frames) were installed in each side of the Hangar in order to support the Logos.

The full dimension of each Logo was 76 m2. The project (including installation) was concluded in just 20 days.

Qatar Airways Logo

Smoke and Fire Curtains

The project included the installation of 34,000 m2 of Smoke and Fire Curtains. It was accomplished in just 4 months (Initial evaluation according to ordinary lead timing was to finish the project in 10 months). Moreover the company had to take extensive safety measures taking into account that technicians had to work at 52m height. Supplier of the Smoke and Fire Curtains was BLE.


In the Cargo Terminal of the New Doha International Airport, 2.500 m2 of Lovers were installed.


In the Cargo Terminal of the New Doha International Airport, 150 single-leaf doors, 20 double-leaf doors and 50 automated doors were installed in just 13 working days.

To the Workshops Maintenance Facilities,in NDIA, are installed 100 automated grate dimensions doors.

Gypsum Boards Ceiling - Stainless Steel

11,000 Square meters of Gypsum Boards/Ceilings, Stainless Steel - Wood Ceilings were installed at the lobbies, the offices, the meeting areas, the partitions and the main entrance of the cargo Terminal. This work was completed in just 45 days. Suppliers for the materials was A.D.C.C Joint Venture.

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